Justin Bieber releases music videos for each track on new album!



Justin Bieber has probably done the biggest marketing campaign EVER for his new album 'Purpose'!

The new album was released last week... on the same day as One Direction's fifth studio album 'Made In The AM'.

Biebs is looking like he'll win the 'album wars' after it was announced that he was number 1 in 59 countries... but he's not stopped there!

Justin revealed 12 new music videos for songs on the new album over the weekend, this has seen 'Love Yourself' jump to number 5 on the iTunes chart and he hasn't even released it as a single!

The series of videos are known as 'The Movement'.

Check out the videos below... tweet @TotalAccessShow and tell us your fave!


Track 1: Mark My Words


Track 2: I'll Show You


Track 3: What Do You Mean


Track 4: Sorry


Track 5: Love Yourself


Track 6: Company


Track 7: No Pressure


Track 8: No Sense


Track 9: The Feeling


Track 10: Life Is Worth Living


Track 11: Where Are U Now


Track 11: Children


Track 12: Purpose



Cover art for Let Me Love You

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