Is Miley Cyrus set to perform at Glastonbury?!



Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis has admitted that there is a place for Miley Cyrus at the festival!

Speaking to 'Loaded' magazine, Michael said "People keep asking me if Miley Cyrus is playing… I can't say 'Yes' or 'No' to any name, because it only adds to the speculation about who will be appearing. 

"But I think everyone has a place at Glastonbury. We have 20 different stages at Glastonbury, and that's one of the things that helps make it the greatest show on earth”.

If the rumours are true, Miley looks set to become the 2016 'marmite act' of Glastonbury... last year Kanye West was lifted up by a crane during his performance!

The only question is... will she be bringing her foam finger?!