Step Up For The Donna Louise

Do your #ONEINAMILLION thing and step up for children like Oscar

Meet Oscar

Little Oscar may have undergone two bouts of emergency surgery in the last year alone, but he is still a bundle of fun. The bubbly five-year-old loves coming to The Donna Louise and has been a frequent visitor since he was just one year old.

Oscar has CHARGE syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, which affects his heart, growth, eyes and ears. Oscar relies on a tracheostomy to breathe, is ventilated overnight and has to be fed via a tube. Despite all these challenges he is a happy, smiley chap who lights up the room.

By stepping up for children like Oscar and taking part in our 1,000,000 step challenge, you’ll be making sure that The Donna Louise can be there for families like Oscar’s every step of the way.

Time To Step Up

From 1st April – 9th July (or any other dates you choose), you’ll walk, run, dance or skip at your own pace and in your own time, and get sponsored for every stride. You’ll walk an average of 10,000 steps each day (the daily recommended amount to maintain good health), so not only will you be Stepping Up for children like Oscar, you’ll be Stepping Up for you.

Making Strides Towards Your Goal

  • Do you leave stuff on the stairs to take up later? Take it straight up instead.
  • Park further away at the supermarket or office.
  • Suggest a walking meeting or ditch the email and get up and talk to colleagues instead.
  • Plan a weekend walk with friends or family.
  • Join a local walking or running club.
  • Take the dog for an extra walk.
  • March on the spot while doing the ironing or watching your favourite soap.
  • Sign-up for a race and get training – The Donna Louise Family Fun Run on Sunday 20th May is a perfect opportunity to step it up a level!