Top tips


  • Want to try and trick your mind? From now onwards use a smaller plate and fill up on extra veg or salad.
  • Is it shopping time again? Try to check the labels of the foods and drinks you are buying, to keep an eye out for hidden fats and sugars.
  • Fancying a Sunday morning fry up but think you’re not allowed? Cooked breakfast can still be healthy - just grill instead of fry.
  • Don’t forget meal times aren’t a race – take your time when eating. It takes 20 mins for your stomach to know it’s full.
  • Drink like a fish! Water, water, water! Try and build up to 6-8 glasses a day. It will help to keep hunger at bay.
  • Try to avoid skipping meals and aim to have 3 regular meals a day - you’ll end up snacking less.
  • Get cooking or baking - make some healthier snacks for your week ahead to avoid hitting the biscuit tin or vending machine.
  • Turn off the TV when you’re eating . Eating and watching TV can mean you’ll eat more without noticing.
  • Eating for two without realising? Check the packaging to be certain of portion sizes especially on ready meals if you use them.
  • Time for a coffee break? Wean yourself off the added sugar (and watch out for the hidden ones when you buy coffee out).
  • Beer and lager contain the same calories as a doughnut. Try and eat healthier through the day to balance it out, or if you can at least choose one over the other!
  • Cooking for the kids? Don’t be tempted to snack on their leftovers - you’d only be wasting calories you could of used for pudding!
  • It’s Fat Friday! – you can still have your chips but pop them in the oven, instead of heading to the chippy!
  • Distraction is a great way to avoid those late night calories. Try reading, taking a bath, or playing a game instead of snacking.
  • Top tip, if you haven’t got the spare cash with you, you won’t be tempted to treat yourself to something ‘naughty’ to eat.
  • If you really fancy something naughty to eat, try brushing your teeth, it will put you off!
  • Try and get a good night’s sleep tonight – studies have shown you’ll eat less the next day!


  • Try to walk up and down as many stairs as you can! This can be done at home, out shopping, or at work. Try taking the washing upstairs one item at a time!
  • Aim to do at least 10 mins more exercise a day. Why don’t you try getting off the bus a stop earlier or parking a bit further away.
  • Make a jump start to your weekly exercise by building some into your day – a family walk at the park, a cycle ride or just a kick about in the garden all helps.
  • Go wild - put on a song and boogie on down - moving to music can be a great motivator and fun for everyone.
  • Get yourself outside! Gardening or washing the car are all good calorie burners!
  • Did you know you need to walk for approx. 34 mins to burn off a small choc bar – good balance is key!
  • Why not swap the café for the park when catching up with friends, to get some extra exercise into your weekend.
  • Try adding an extra 5 – 10 mins of activity into your day – maybe a brisk walk at lunchtime or after dinner – you’ll hardly notice the time and feel much better!
  • Have fun! Exercise with a friend and you will both feel the benefit. Why not try an organised class together?