Losing weight

Despite what you see in some diet books and TV programmes, healthy eating can be really straightforward. Just swapping everyday foods and drinks can help to take out a surprising amount of fat, sugar and calories from your diet.

For example you’d be surprised by how much sugar you could cut from your diet by simply swapping sugary drinks for diet or sugar free versions, water or skimmed milk – up to three quarters of a bag (1Kg) of sugar per family over four weeks!

What support is there to help me to lose weight?

If you are interested in finding out more about what you can do to be more active locally please see below:

  • Energise Plus Card (discount scheme for sports and leisure services in Stoke-on-Trent Click here to find out more
  • Walks Network (Easy accessible walks across Stoke-on-Trent)
    Contact VAST on 01782 683178
  • Steps To Health (Step-o-meter Loan Pack, available in all Stoke-on-Trent Libraries) Click here to find out more
  • Cycling around the city Click here for local maps and guides
  • Local cycle rides/events
    Ageing Well – Falls Prevention Age 50+ (programme promoting better health)
    Contact Age UK – North Staffordshire on: 01782 200739

    WEA (Workers Education Association) Adults 19+
    Contact Workers Education Association on: 01782 831911

    Beth Johnson - Active in Age - Promoting Physical activity for older adults
    Contact Beth Johnson Foundation on: 01782844036
  • Green Door (cost-free or low-cost activities within green spaces, particularly for older and disabled people) Click here to find out more

Other great information on being more active and eating healthily can be found at:

NHS Choices: http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/loseweight/pages/loseweighthome.aspx

Change4Life Sugar Swaps campaign 2015
Change4Life is calling on families to sign up for ‘Sugar Swaps’ this January.  It’s surprising how much sugar there is in some of the things children eat throughout the day. The Change4Life Sugar Swaps campaign aims to help families cut down on their sugar intake by making simple food and drink swaps at key occasions throughout the day.
We wouldn’t let our kids eat sugar straight from the sugar bowl, but we tend not to think about the sugar in the other things they eat and drink.  All you need to do is to sign up to make one easy swap to cut back on sugar – like swapping sugary drinks to water, lower-fat milks or sugar free, diet, no added sugar drinks.
Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a fantastic Sugar Swaps pack with ideas for how to cut back on sugar plus money-off vouchers, swap cards, stickers and emails and texts packed with recipes and ideas to help you make healthier changes (subject to availability).  Your free pack contains inspiration, hints, tips and recipe ideas to help you and your family reduce your daily sugar intake at key points in the day such as breakfast, puddings, drinks and after school snacks
Swap ideas
Drinks swap
·         Swap fizzy drinks, sugary drinks or sugary squash to water, lower-fat milks, sugar free, no added sugar or diet drinks
Breakfast swap
·         Swap sugary cereal to plain cereal such as plain porridge, plain wholewheat biscuits or plain shredded whole grain
After school snack swap
·         Swap sugary snacks such as muffins, cakes, croissants or pastries, biscuits, chocolate, cereal bars, sugary breakfast cereal, puddings and sweets to fruit - fresh or tinned (in juice), fruit salad - fresh or tinned (in juice), cut up vegetables such as carrot or cucumber sticks, plains rice cakes, toast or bagel with low-fat spreads or reduced fat hummus, plain wholewheat biscuits, breakfast cereals, plain unsalted nuts or fruited tea cake
Pudding swap
·         Swap chilled desserts, puddings, cakes, ice cream or yoghurt to fruit - fresh or tinned (in juice), fruit salad - fresh or tinned (in juice), low-fat, lower sugar yoghurt or sugar-free jelly
Follow this link to sign up today to get your FREE Sugar Swaps pack!  https://sugarswaps.change4life.co.uk/


This Girl Can Campaign

This campaign seeks to get more women and girls active in response to research which shows millions are afraid to exercise because of fear of judgement. 

It is the first of its kind to feature women who sweat and jiggle as they exercise. It seeks to tell the real story of women who play sport by using images that are the complete opposite of the idealised and stylised images of women we are now used to seeing.
Research into what's stopping women turning their ambitions into reality found that a fear of judgement – on appearance, ability or how they chose to spend time on themselves – puts women of all ages off exercising.

Find out more at: https://www.sportengland.org/our-work/national-work/this-girl-can/


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