Do's and Dont's


  • Don’t try and give up all three in one go, set yourself a realistic goal that’s achievable.
  • Try to be positive when promoting healthy new year messages – i.e the smallest change can make us feel healthier and happier. NOT doom and gloom of having to give something up.


  • DON’T promote the use of e-cigarettes, suggest that if they contact the local stop smoking providers they can get FREE help and support to quit instead and they will be more likely to stay quit.
  • Again mentioning the positives of quitting - When you quit, you will see the benefits almost immediately; food will taste better, your circulation will improve and your risk of getting illnesses like cancer or heart disease will be reduced.
  • Please promote our local quit smoking number 0800 085 0928 Text: stokequit to 60777 for those who live in SoT and want Free help and support to quit.
  • You're four times more likely to quit by getting free support from our local stop smoking clinics.


  • Alcohol can sneak up on us – the odd glass in the evening can quickly become two or three regular glasses, most
  • evenings. Try having two consecutive alcohol free days a week if you don’t want to go give up for the whole month.
  • If you have over indulged over Christmas - why not have a new year detox and try to have a Dry January?
  • Positive messages - alcohol also contains calories, so by giving this up in January it will help your waistline too!
  • If anyone is concerned about their alcohol use, they can call the Community Alcohol Service on 01782 283113

Weight loss

  • Positive message of swapping everyday foods and drinks to help to take out a surprising amount of fat, sugar and calories from their diet.
  • Getting more exercise can really help weight loss
  • People should aim to lose a maximum of 1-2 lbs in weight a week
  • View top tips for diet and exercise at stoke.gov.uk/healthynewyear