Our TOP 5 Olly Murs music videos!

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We seem to forget just how long Olly Murs has been our FAVOURITE cheeky chappy!

We first met Olly when he appeared on the X Factor in 2009 and since then he has entertained us with albums of catchy tunes!

But, we're going to be looking at 5 of his best music videos... which is tough because he has LOADS of great vids!

Check out our TOP 5 Olly Murs music videos below!

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'You Don't Know Love' - Just how COOL does Olly look in this reflective video about his ex?!


'Stevie Knows' - Not Olly's most popular tune but we feel that we have walked into an Olly Murs dream here... singing and women!


'Troublemaker' - Olly is chasing after a girl... and Flo Rida is on a billboard - that's made us interested!


'Right Place Right Time' - It's the classic video made us of clips on tour, etc. WE LOVE IT!


'Grow Up' - How cute is this?! Olly being bossed around on set by a load of kids!


Cover art for Breaking Me

On Air

Greg Burns playing Topic Feat. A7S - Breaking Me