Our TOP 5 Little Mix music videos!



Can we just take a moment to appreciate Little Mix?!

Okay, well we need more than just a moment... so we've chosen our five FAVE Little Mix music videos for you to enjoy over and over again!

Now, we appreciate that there are LOADS of great Little Mix vids which is why this was such a hard job!

If we've missed your FAVE then tweet us to let us know, @TotalAccessShow!

Check out top 5 Little Mix music videos below!


'SALUTE' - Let's kick off with the 'Salute' video that gives us all Girl Power vibes!


'HAIR' - When you get rid of that nasty ex then you NEED your squad to be there for you... sleepover and takeaway anyone?!


'SHOUT OUT TO MY EX' - The amount of sass in this video is just OFF THE SCALE... perfect tune and vid to throw shade at that ex!


'TOUCH' - it's colourful, sexy and shows off SO MUCH SASS... Little Mix DOMINATE in their video for Touch!


'BLACK MAGIC' - Little Mix's geeky side come out in this video... this video always makes us laugh, our personal FAVE moment is when they make the girl fart!


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