YouTube opens online school to teach the next generation of vloggers

Wanna be the next Zoella? Yup. We all do.

She earns thousands of pounds a day just for filming a video in her bedroom and it's bloomin' incredible!

Vlogging on YouTube is all a bit hit and miss though. How do you become so successful when you are one in a million trying to make it?

Well, its about to get a lot easier. YouTube are starting a school to teach you everything you need to know.

In June, ten lucky girls in France (there are talks of expanding it to other countries) will be enrolling in Vlogger School to master the craft of filming beauty videos and learn exactly how to become a YouTube success story.

I suppose the only real question is why are we still revising for exams that don't matter when we could be enrolling onto a course that teaches us how to make money just by filming ourselves in our bedroom...?!

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