We take a look at our FAVOURITE YouTuber's best videos!


Guys, our little Zoella has turned 26... and to celebrate we took a trip down memory lane!

She's has over 10 million subscribers and just slays at life so let's have a party!

Well, watch some of her videos!

Here's a look at our favourite videos from Zoella!


Okay, this maybe a bit of a cop-out but it's the video we are greeted with on her channel... and we've grown to love it!


Any video that is named 'Seagull Poo Attack' is going to amongst our favourites... even though it's kinda gross!


If you don't know Zoella... then firstly, what are you doing at life?! Secondly watch this video of her 'Draw My Life' and get learning!


Okay, this maybe from Alfie's channel but it's still 'Zalfie' winning at life! Their 'Madame Tussauds' wax sculptures are SO LIFELIKE! 


Anyone who is allowed to give Tyler Oakley a makeover... is clearly one of the QUEENS of YouTube!


Zoella and Alfie are just relationship goals... plus she let's him do her make-up! Good job she's AMAZING at doing it herself!


Did we miss any out (come on, we didn't have time to put every video!)... tweet us @TotalAccessShow and let us know!


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