Zayn reveals why he ditched 'Malik' and the meaning of his new album!


Zayn's Complex magazine interview really was explosive, wasn't it?!

After 'Beardgate'. he also opened up about dropping his surname and what his new album is really about!

Right, let's start with his name.

Once it was revealed that Zayn would be going solo... 'Malik' was no more. He joined a long line of people who are known by just one name... Madonna, Robbie, Cheryl (but that's just because we lose track of her changing surnames).

But, why did he change it?!

"‚ÄčIt just fits me more. I don't know anybody who goes by the first name and their surname with friends and family. I wanted it to be more personal I guess in that sense."

Well, that clears that up... now for the album!

'Mind of Mine' is Zayn's debut solo album and released this week... we can all guess who it's about, and he's confirmed that!

It appears that the muse for the album is his ex Perrie Edwards and their on-off relationship which broke down last year.

He told the magazine that the album is, '60 per cent inspired by love, and 40 per cent inspired by heartbreak'.

Well, if the tunes he's revealed so far are anything to go by... then 'Mind of Mine' is set to be HUGE!

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