Zayn opens up about what really happened when he left One Direction!



It's one of the most hotly anticipated book release in years... well, along with the Little Mix book!

Zayn has promised to reveal all in his book and ahead of the release he's opened up about the contents! 

The Z man has dished the dirt on his time in the world's biggest band and what REALLY happened when he left last year!

So... where do we start?!

Let's start from the beginning... Zayn has revealed in the book that if he had to do it all over again, then he would have waited until he was a bit older!

Zayn auditioned on the X Factor when he was 17 and has admitted that he should have looked into it a bit more; speaking to ES magazine he said, "I was very ignorant at 17 — blind beyond my years. I thought going on X Factor meant you won a million pounds and got a contract at the end of it."

But, it's what he said about the way he left the band that has raised the most eyebrows. A statement was released at the time that Zayn wanted to be a 'normal 22 year old', however he has now back-tracked on this... and has even admitted that he didn't even say that!

"[He smirks and leans forward] 'I'm going to ask you a question now — do you think I wrote that? Like, look how it's worded. I'm not a 35-year-old lawyer. I don't write like that,' [he sits back, satisfied.]"

Well, well, well... this book has just got juicier!

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