Is Zayn about to write a tell-all book about the 1D days?!


Believe it or not, it's been 17 months since Zayn dropped the bombshell that he was quitting One Direction!

After 5 years together, the Zaynster called it quits as he looked to go it alone and release his debut solo album 'Mind of Mine'!

There have been rumours that Zayn was unhappy in his last few years in the band as he wasn't able to have much of a say on which 'direction' the band was going in!

'When I realised the direction that we were going in, mind the pun, with the music, I instantly realised it wasn't for me. How do you write a song from five people's perspective?'

'I think the boys knew that in terms of the music, that wasn't my cup of tea. When I was leaving the band, they didn't want me to leave. But I'd already made up my mind at that point.'

So, imagine our excitement now that there's rumours that Zayn is set to write an autobiography that will apparently bare all about One Direction and his relationships with Perrie Edwards and Gigi Hadid!

A source close to Zayn claimed that "This book is going to be explosive,"

‚Äč"But Zayn is determined to reveal the secrets behind the clean image that was always so fiercely protected by the band's publicity machine."

They also said, "Simon Cowell will be furious with Zayn and may even try to stop it coming out!"

This is going to be juicy!

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