The Vamps Introduce: The Tide

Ever wondered what The Tide had for breakfast this morning? Maybe you NEED to know the secret to Nate's PERFECT hair...

Well since we can only do so much stalking before the lads would get the police involved, we got some of our friends to do it for us!

Here's 10 things The Vamps have taught us about The Tide when we quizzed them!

Now THAT is what we call a supergroup!

1) James: "Drew & Nate are from Ohio and Austin was on X Factor once."

2) Tristan: "Austin started the band, Drew is the lead guitarist, Austin is the singer, Levi on bass."

3) Connor: "Drew is very nice and does his hair lovely and the rest are lovely." (Thanks for that, Con!)

4) Brad: "Their first cover was 'She Looks So perfect' by 5SOS."

5) James: "Their second cover was 'Steal My Girl' by One Direction."

6) Tristan: "Then they did their own song called 'Falling In love Tonight' and put it on YouTube."

7) Brad: "They are very energetic and they are 6'3"

8) James: They did a cover of Shawn Mendes 'Stitches' in May 2015

9) Con: "Nate's on drums" (Thanks for that, Con!)

10) James: "You should follow them on twitter - @TheTideDrew, @TheTide Levi, @TheTideAustin & @TheTideNate"

So what have we learned? Well... OK so The Vamps aren't exactly Wikipedia when it comes to information buuuut it's the thought that counts, right?!

Don't forget The Tide are performing at our gig, 'Total Access Live' on Sat 13th August 2016 - Get your tickets here!

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