Video emerges of Kim Kardashian praising rival Taylor Swift!

Kim X Taylor RESIZE


It was the showbiz feud to end all feuds!

Last summer was dominated by the Taylor Swift saga that began with her dumping Calvin Harris and ended in a public spat with Kim Kardashian after it emerged that Taylor had lied about not knowing about the infamous Kanye lyric 'Think me and Taylor might still have sex'!

However, despite still not publicly making up... and Taylor rumoured to be throwing shade in her new single 'Look What You Made Me Do', it seems like Kim Kardashian has not always been anti-Swift!

A video has been found of Kim admitting that Taylor Swift's single 'Love Story' was the number 1 played on her iPod. 

First of all, how weird does 'iPod' sound now?!

Secondly, we guess that Kim K is a 'Swiftie' after all!

Check out the video below!