Taylor Swift surprises a 96 Year Old fan at Christmas!

Taylor Swift RESIZE 2


It's been a bit of an odd year for Taylor Swift!

She went from being pop music's sweetheart, to it's biggest villain over the summer... but now it looks like she's on her way back to the top!

Over the Christmas period, whilst the rest of the music world retire to their multi-million pound mansions or to a warm country on holiday, T Swiz surprised one of her biggest fans by turning up at his house!

This fan... a 96 year old man!

Yup, Taylor dropped by to visit US war veteran Cyrus Porter at his house in Missouri to perform her tune 'Shake It Off'!

She was invited by Cyrus' Grandson Robert Fyre who described it as a 'Christmas miracle' and a 'amazing experience'!

Robert said that Taylor stayed for quite a while and she was "taking selfies, holding babies, hugging grandpas and leaving lipstick marks".

Taylor is expected to have a busy 2017 with a rumoured new album set to be on the way!

Check out the video of her intimate performance below!