Taylor Swift proves she is 100% over Calvin with Bikini Party

It's been quite a year for Taylor Swift. With hit after hit in the charts from her album '1989', we've come to expect her to smash it when it comes to tunes! 

But Taylor is getting just as much of a reputation for not being able to hold down a relationship!

With another failed romance, this time between her and Calvin Harris, T Swizzle was quick to move on and was spotted getting cosy with British actor Tom Hiddleston very soon after.

Calvin's only response to this was to do what we all do after a break up: Get on a yacht in the sunshine with a load of hot ladies. (Oh, is that just us?!)

So now, it's turned into a competition!

In the blue corner, Calvin Harris chilling on a yacht with some pretty girls and in the red corner, Taylor Swift frolicking in the sea with Tom Hiddleston, Gigi Hadid and others!

Yep, it's like they have no idea that thousands of paparazzi are following them around 24/7....

Taylor and Tom are joined by Orange Is The New Black star Amber Rose and Zayn's girlfriend Gigi Hadid whilst partying in the ocean!

Taylor and Tom looked to be getting cosy whilst Tom displays his love for Tay Tay in a t shirt reading 'I <3 T S'

So, who won that round... Taylor in the ocean with Tom... or Calvin on a yacht with allllll the ladies!?

I think that's about it... oh unless you wanna see Gigi Hadid's bottom. Oh. You do. Right you are then.

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