Has Taylor Swift's new single been leaked?!


This week has been the start of Taylor Swift's road to recovery after an... eventful summer!

Since her split from Tom Hiddleston has reported, Taylor Swift has regained her place in the public eye and has been seen supporting her friend Gigi Hadid at the New York fashion week!

And, it looked like Taylor is ready to make her return to the music industry after Gigi praised her friend for supporting despite being 'busy in the studio'!

Now, we had hoped this was true as we kinda miss Taylor Swift after her number 1 album '1989' but it looks like singer Kelsey Ballerini could have just confirmed it on her Snapchat!


After Calvin Harris revealed his new single 'My Way' this week which features the lyric, "You were the one thing in my way,"... we doubt it's going to be long until we hear the Taylor Swift response!

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