Shawn Mendes confirms he's working with 1D star!


Shawn Mendes has just revealed some VERY exciting news!

The man who ALWAYS seems to be working has confirmed that he is already thinking about making more music and this time it's with Niall Horan!

In fact, he's not just thinking about it... it's going to happen, in the very near future!

Speaking to the Daily Star, Shawn explained  "I'll definitely be working with Niall very soon,

"I got a chance to speak to him recently and we are definitely going to write together.

"We are going into the studio as soon as we can get our diaries together and see what we come up with," he adds. "I would love to do something for my next record as well as his – we will have to wait and see."

This is something WE would love to see... so lads, if you could like hurry please!


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