Is Chloe Grace-Moretz moving on from Brooklyn Beckham... to Shawn Mendes?!

Chloe Grace-Moretz


Chloe Grace-Moretz has been keeping a bit of a low profile since her supposed split from ex-BF Brooklyn Beckham but she's slide into our Twitter timeline with THIS EPIC show of flirting!

Chloe is one of the hottest actress' in Hollywood right now and is our FAVE just for her kooky personality!

Things looked rosey as she stepped up with Brooklyn earlier this year and ALL WAS WELL in our lives as we saw this celeb relationship blossom.

However, that all went downhill and we're back to square one!

But, now Chloe looks like she's back in the zone as she did some VERY public flirting with another one of our FAVOURITE people in showbiz... Shawn Mendes!

Shawn is the quiet type that is just concentrating on music RN... well, we thought he was!

Shawn Mendes recently revealed a topless picture of himself that will be appearing in Vogue... and Chloe Grace-Moretz replied in the BEST WAY EVER!

She used a gif of herself... looking like she approves of the pic!

Check this out below... bravo Chloe!

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