Saturday's Singer Announces New Arrival!

It's almost like you can catch pregancy from being in The Saturdays! There's going to be a FOURTH 'Baby Sat' next year as Una Foden announced earlier she is to give birth to a baby boy which is to be her second child! 

The Irish singer is married to Rugby star Ben Foden and the pair already have a two year-old daughter called Aoife Belle.

Una also dismissed rumours that the band are splitting up, saying 'If that was what we wanted, we would be honest about it and say so. 'We're always going to be The Saturdays. None of us wants the group to end. So while we'll go off and do our own things, it will always be in conjunction with what The Saturdays have going on. We're definitely not splitting up.' 

The Saturdays have recently finished their 'Greatest Hits' tour which was accompanied by an album featuring tracks from their journey so far.