Rihanna's boyfriend is the reason we're still waiting for her album...


12 months ago, Rihanna released a song called 'Four Five Seconds' (You may have heard it once or twice) and it is AMAZING.

We were told it was the first single from her new album and it made us EXCITED. 

But... we're still waiting for that album a YEAR later!

Not cool, RiRi.

It seems the delay is down to Rihanna's Boyfriend, Travis Scott, who is producing the album.

Whilst she and her fellow songwriters are reportedly happy with the album, Mr Scott seems keen to continue polishing it.

Don't put up with it RiRi... go out with us instead, we'll let you do whateeeevvvvver you like. Just sayin'.

Check out the video for 'Four Five Seconds' below!

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