The alternate ending to One Direction's 'History' video has been revealed!



Let's face it... we're all still missing One Direction, aren't we?!

The lads have been on a hiatus since the end of 2015 and are currently working on solo projects, so we're not holding our breaths for a reunion anytime soon!

Louis and Niall have recently said that there IS a future for the band but they are all enjoying a less hectic work schedule right now... as they released five albums in 5 years, we don't blame them!

But, for all those who have One Direction tweet notifications on their phone for the day they make the comeback announcement... there was a glimmer of hope, thanks to the production company who made the 'History' music video!

The video was directed by James Corden's producer Ben Winston and their company, Fulwell 73 Productions, posted a clip of an alternate ending to the music video where the lads re-unite!

Could this be leading on to another video in the future?!

Check out the clip below and decide for yourself!




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