One Direction spent A LOT of money in 2015!


We already knew that the One Direction boys were worth a lot of money however it’s now been proved that they spent a massive £24.3 million pounds in 2015…

But what did all that money get spent on?

Let’s start with the boring stuff.

  • £814,001 was spent on legal costs.
  • £150,034 on office admin.
  • £9,967 on bank charges.
  • And £97,065 on insurance.

Now what about spending money to keep them looking and sounding good…

  • £258,625 was spent on crew costs.
  • £801,163 on travelling and meals.
  • And £46,321 on personal styling.

It’s no surprise that there was never a hair out of place; nearly £50k spent just on personal styling!

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