Bad news! One Direction not to re-unite until 2027... according to Louis Walsh!


Bad news! It looks like we could be waiting quite a while for our favourite lads to re-unite!

Well, there's nothing official... but Louis Walsh seems to think so!

The X Factor judge has had his say on the One Direction hiatus and he has basically told us not to get our hopes up!

Speaking to The Telegraph, he was asked whether the 1D hiatus is permanent... his response, "Yeah, I would say so".

What, please don't say it's so Louis!!!

He was pushed on whether they would ever get back, look away 1D fans as it's not a pretty answer either... "maybe in 10 years".

Louis Walsh was talking about the lads ahead of the new series of X Factor which kicks off at the weekend, he added...

"We create monsters in the music business - they only become famous because they've been on the show and we got you those songs,"

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