Olly Murs reveals adorable music video for 'Grow Up'!

Olly Murs RESIZE


He may have had his celebrity mates telling him to grow up all week... but it was Olly Murs who was the mature one in his latest music video!

Olly invited his showbiz pals to send him videos on Twitter all week to promote his new single 'Grow Up', but when it came down to the actual music video... Olly was joined by a load of kids!

The video see's Olly being directed, produced, filmed and everything else on set by children and it turns out to be the most ADORABLE video you will see all year!

Olly told Elliot Holman on Total Access that his upcoming album will be written about his recent break-up, so take the song title as you will (Side eyes emoji, right there!)!

Check out Olly's video for 'Grow Up' below and you can see our Top 5 Olly Murs music vids list here:



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