Olly Murs admits he is 20% gay!


So this maybe one of the weirdest stories we've ever written... but it turns out that Olly Murs is actually 20% gay!

In a move that will make 20% of women very disappointed, Olly has revealed the news... however, don't worry ladies - he's only saying that he's camp!

Actor, Sasha Baron Cohen claimed recently that he was 31% gay... so Olly defended him and said that he was 20%!

"I've got a lot of gay friends I get on with really well. I get on with everyone."

"Everyone's got a bit of campness about them."

Well, we should have guessed!

Olly is concentrating on music again after his exit from the X Factor... we'll miss you Olly, but we can't wait to hear you new music!

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