Niall Horan Has Teased His New Album!



Niall Horan has got us all excited for his upcoming debut solo album by revealing the names of two more tracks!

Niall has been very busy since the One Direction hiatus started in 2015, he seems to be taking over the golf world but more importantly he's been smashing it as a solo artist!

The cheeky Irish chappy was the first member of 1D to release solo material when he dropped 'This Town' and then followed it up with 'Slow Hands' at the start of the summer.

Speaking to Billboard, Niall has revealed that one of his favourite songs on the album is called 'Flicker' and it's about the 'last night in a failing relationship' and 'On The Loose' is a tune at gives off Fleetwood Mac vibes.

We're expecting the new album to be here before the end of the year.

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