Niall Horan has spoken about the future of One Direction!



It's been a busy week for Niall Horan, he distracted us all by hanging out at the Ryder Cup (some golf tournament)... only so he could secretly drop his debut solo single on Thursday!

'This Town' is our chilled out jam already, with the Niallster taking a more 'Little Things' acoustic route than the 'Steal My Girl' pop vibes!

Naturally, Niall Horan would be asked about the future of One Direction has he enters the public eye again... and he's given a surprisingly positive response!

Speaking in an interview, Niall explained "I don't know what happened there, but yeah, for the foreseeable, you know, we're just taking a break and kind of doing our own thing."

When asked whether he would ever turn his back on One Direction, Niall said "I definitely won't rule that out because it's the best thing… Our lives wouldn't be the same." 

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