Nathan Sykes says he doesn't know what some of his 'The Wanted' bandmates are doing!

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Nathan Sykes' solo music is SO GOOD that we've actually forgotten that he was once in a band!

Once upon a time of course NS was in The Wanted who challenged the might of One Direction... but in 2013 it all fell apart and we had a giant 'Glad You Came' hole in our heart!

The guys have all moved on but it's Nathan who seems to be the only one who has remained in the music industry with his debut solo album 'Unfinished Business' set to be released on November 4th!

But, what are the rest up to now?!

Elliot Holman asked Nathan Sykes during an interview on Total Access whether his former bandmates will be looking on enviously at his solo success... Nathan's response was diplomatic to say the least!

Hear what Nathan had to say below!



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