10 stages of a night out with Nathan Sykes

Ever fancied a date with Nathan Sykes? We got you covered.

Sit back and TRY to relax as we show you how it goes down when Nathan takes you for a romantic night out. 

We regret to inform you that the example pictures shown feature a beautiful super model but y'know... forget about her.


STEP 1 - Drinks in a trendy London bar. Nathan plays with your hair.


STEP 2 - Up to the rooftop terrace. Views of the city. La-di-dah.


STEP 3 - He's hired out the ENTIRE restaurant for you. Cutie.


STEP 4 - You both decide you're not actually hungry...


STEP 5 - Going up...



STEP 6 - A quick, romantic slow dance, probably to 'Over & Over Again'.


STEP 7 - Shower time. Clothes on though, obviously. It's only our first date.


STEP 8 - Oh. 


STEP 9 - Nathan even washes your back for you. Sweetie.


STEP 10 - Sleepytime.

We are literally just waiting for the phone to ring... any... minute now.

Meanwhile, let's check out the video for 'Give It Up' in full!


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