Have Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande collaborated again?!

OK, so we can hardly breathe right now!

Are Nathan Sykes & Ariana Grande about to collaborate?!

Whilst on holiday 3 days ago, Nathan Sykes tweeted news that our favourite song was getting a makeover!

What is it? A Rap? A bit where you sing naked?! A hardcore trance breakdown.... JUST TELL US!!

Since then we've been getting WAY too excited and checking our tweet notifications for Nathan are still on!

FINALLY... Nathan's Ex girlfriend, Ariana Grande tweeted the lyrics to Over & Over Again and we're CONVINCED that this is mystery solved!

Is Ariana missing Nathan? Have they collaborated on a new version of his song? Are they getting back together?

We can't take the drama.. so whilst we wait to find out, here's the emotional video just one more time!

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