Meghan Trainor reveals that Niall Horan once 'swept her off her feet'!


It's literally like EVERYONE'S dream to be chatted up by One Direction... so we're now REALLY jealous of Meghan Trainor!

Meghan has revealed that she was once "Swept off (my) feet" by Niall Horan... but was IGNORED by the rest of the band!

Speaking to We Love Pop magazine, Meghan revealed "All the other boys walked by and he came up to me and I got swept off my feet by his Irish charm. I like normal people. I like, funny, normal, nice people.

"I like guys that are really nice, a gentleman. If you can chill with my bros and my family, you are in. I just got to look for older men who already have their stuff together. I wouldn't reject Ed Sheeran. I'd love to be his date to prom.‚Äč"

Yeah, we wouldn't reject Niall Horan... or Ed Sheeran either!

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