Louis Tomlinson takes his mates to Ibiza... and the photos are awesome!


Whilst the One Direction seem to be all busy preparing their solo projects... it looks like Louis Tomlinson is still just happy enjoying himself!

Fans were worried recently when photos emerged of the star looking tired but Louis has not let a bit of fatigue get in his way as he looks to end the summer in style!

Tomo has taken his mates out for a week long party in Ibiza... which automatically makes us want to be his best buddy EVEN MORE!


Louis' fans have been spamming social media with updates on his lads holiday... but it was just ANY holiday that we would all go on. 

The 1D star got to hang out with DJ Steve Aoki and got VIP everywhere he went! Obv!

It's not a surprise to us though, he told Elliot Holman on Total Access that he planned to go on a lads holiday last year... he just didn't go with any of the 1D boys!

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