Louis Tomlinson heads home to Doncaster in new music video!

Louis Tomo RESIZE


He's teased it for what seems like YEARS... but Louis Tomlinson has finally revealed his next solo single 'Back To You'!

Louis teams up with Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals for his new tune after the successful 'Just Hold On' which he released at Christmas!

The song was instantly applauded by his thousands of fans on Twitter and is set to challenge for the Big Top 40 number 1 spot this weekend, but it's the music video that got us excited the most!

Louis has gone back to his roots and filmed the video in his hometown of Doncaster in Yorkshire.

Now, we're not throwing shade... but you have to imagine that this is one of the most exciting things to happen in Yorkshire! Especially as he brought Bebe Rexha home with him to appear in the video!

With Bebe being from New York, we can't imagine she's visited Donny before but she seems right at home on the streets of Louis' place of birth!

Check out the video below!