Louis Tomlinson has first solo gig... at Jamie Vardy's wedding!


It's been a busy year for the One Direction lads... despite the fact that they're meant to be on a hiatus!

We've had rumours of solo music from each member of the band... but it looks like Louis Tomlinson has beaten his bandmates to the first solo performance!

Well, kind of!

'Chat s**t, get banged' footballer Jamie Vardy married Rebekah Nicholson in Cheshire in the week and apparently Louis got up on stage to perform a few numbers!

We would love this to be true... but what it does do is add fuel to the rumours that Louis Tomlinson is set to play Jamie Vardy in a movie about his life!

Hollywood screenwriter Adrian Pattinson discussed the possibility of Tomo playing the role in the Daily Mail recently,  "We are looking at a few actors. Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson are two favorites, however One Direction's Louis Tomlinson is also very much on our radar, he's apparently a great footballer, he can act and he's from South Yorkshire so the accent won't be a problem for him​."

We would love to appear alongside Louis in a movie... better get practicing that Italian accent for Claudio Ranieri!

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