Louis Tomlinson discusses One Direction feud rumours!



Louis Tomlinson has spoken out about rumours that the One Direction lads are not getting on since the start of their hiatus last year.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, Louis addressed the rumours but told us there's nothing to worry about.

"Everyone's just enjoying a schedule that's not as relentless and exploring solo projects." he added, "People love to write what they want to write but there's no bitterness."

The lads have been exploring different projects since they ended their world tour last year with only Niall and Louis releasing solo music as of yet. However, we are expecting solo material from Liam and Harry... but Liam is kinda busy expecting his first child right now!

Louis released his own single with Steve Aoki at the end of 2016 and his performance on the X Factor, just days after his mother's sad passing, was the first time we've seen all the One Direction lads together since the break.

Well, one thing is for sure... none of the lads have said that it's definitely over so at least we have new One Direction music to look forward to at some point!

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