Louis Tomlinson discusses Jamie Vardy film role!


Louis Tomlinson has finally spoken about the rumours that he will play Jamie Vardy in a biopic about the footballer's life!

Louis recently attended the Leicester City striker's wedding and, whilst posing for photo's with the newly married couple for Hello Magazine, he spoke publicly about the potential role.

"​It's a golden opportunity, Jamie's story is incredible - he's incredible."

Short and sweet, but he went on to reveal his admiration for the Premier League winner, "He's a lovely guy, very easy-going and such a great example for anyone who thinks they can't follow their dreams."

Is this going to be Louis Tomlinson first movie role?!

His buddy Harry Styles is currently filming the Christopher Nolan pic 'Dunkirk' during the hiatus, this could be the future for Louis who has not yet pursued a solo career like the rest of his bandmates.

Oh, and one more thing... Louis' added, "For a football fan, any kind of involvement in a story like Jamie's is exciting."​


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