Little Mix's Jesy hits back at Perrie's ex who claims she isn't over Zayn!


Come on, shouldn't you know by now... no one messes with Little Mix and gets away with it!

So, it comes at no surprise that when club promoter Leon King threw shade at Perrie her bandmate Jesy Nelson was ready to hit back!

It had been rumoured that Perrie and Leon were dating before Christmas but things went quiet... until now!

Right, where to start... well clearly something had been going on because Perrie tweeted this!


It's safe to say that Leon King was not happy at this, he responded...


This is where it started to get nasty... 

Jesy stood up for her bandmate on Instagram when she commented 'Very strange boy clearly obsessed! Please just disappear"

Leon King then went on a rant about Jesy... and this made the Mixers angry!

Leon, no one upsets Little Mix and gets away with it... okay, Zayn might have but we liked him before!

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