Little Mix have admitted that they hit 'rock-bottom' last year!


The Little Mix ladies are some of the happiest, most positive people in music... but they've opened up about one the worst moment of their careers!

They've been pretty open about the period where they were making 'Get Weird'!

Their third album was always going to be the record that propelled them into super-band status... so the pressure was on!

So, it doesn't come as a surprise that the girls had to re-record the chorus of one particular song SEVEN times!

Jessy told Cosmopolitan Magazine, "We got stuck in a rut. The album wasn't good enough. It took us a year, locked in a tiny room, to write it. It was horrid, we cried so much. There was one song we wrote seven different choruses for and it still wasn't right.

"Leigh-Anne is the most positive person in the group and even she was getting down. We hit rock bottom".

Girls... we're glad you put so much heartbreak into it because 'Get Weird' is AWESOME!

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