Jesy comes out fighting after Little Mix feud claims!

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It's been a weird week for Little Mix as they continue their US tour!

The girls kicked it off with winning a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award however, that was it for the good vibes after a certain photo was uploaded to Instagram!

The pic was of the girls on the red carpet saying thanks to their fans for voting for them to win the award... which is all fine, until people realised that they had cropped Jesy out of it!

Of course, this led to the whole world assuming that there was a feud and it was done to purposely spite her!

Perrie edited the caption on the image afterwards to say that Jesy had requested to be cropped out as she didn't like it.

Drama over... right?!

Nope, later this week the girls were on a night out WITHOUT Jesy and they posted a pic on Snapchat without her... could the Little Mix ladies be turning their backs on Jesy?!

Jesy was NOT happy with the rumours and took to Instagram to voice her concern... phew, Little Mix are besties once more!

Check out Jesy's response below!



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