Which MEGASTAR is Liam Payne's solo music being compared to?!



Liam Payne's solo music is possibly the most anticipated thing in music right now!

Well... that and whether Cheryl is pregnant!

The One Direction star is currently writing music in LA and is tipped to be the next member of the band to release solo music!

But, what will it sound like?!

Liam has teased us with clips and rumours of collaborations but nobody really knows the road he's going to go down musically.

Until NOW!

The producer who is working on his music is James Newman, John Newman's actual brother, and he's told newspapers... 

"You go for the artists you respect, I don't give out songs willy nilly. It's an urbany funky type of thing, JT vibes, it's early days but it's fun."

WOW... so expect Liam Payne to release music with a Justin Timberlake vibe!

We are SO down for this!

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