Katy Perry's parents are NOT impressed!

Katy Perry RESIZE 2


It's been a couple of months since Katy Perry released her latest single 'Bon Appetit'... and the lyrics certainly surprised us, especially the line about being 'spread like a buffet'!

And, now Katy's parents have had their say and they ARE NOT impressed!

Katy's parents are devout Christians who have already questioned her songs in the past, they were said to be unimpressed with 'I Kissed a Girl' which, despite giving their daughter world wide fame, could have been the end to her Dad's ministry in California!

But, what do you do when you put your heart and soul into an album... but then find out your parents don't agree with the lyrics?!

Katy has said that they 'agree to disagree but still with loving space'!

All's well that ends well, kinda!

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