Katy Perry’s parents are not impressed!

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It’s been a couple months since Katy Perry released her latest single ‘Bon Appetit'.

The lyrics to this song certainly surprised us...

In the song she mentions about being ‘spread like a buffet’

We already know her parents are Christians and eyebrows were raised when she released ‘I Kissed a Girl’

Especially because her father Keith thought it would be the end of his Ministry…luckily they never had a problem!

So what did they think about this song?

Unsurprisingly, they aren’t too happy however Katy has said that they ‘agree to disagree but still with loving space’.

‘Bon Appetit’ is the 11th track on her new album ‘Witness’ which is out on Friday!

And if you want to see this song being performed live… tickets for her 2018 UK tour also go on sale Friday!

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