Katy Perry mocks rival Taylor Swift by filming herself singing THAT lyric!

Katy Perry RESIZE 2


The Katy Perry/Taylor Swift feud is just NEVER going to go away is it?!

The pair were both seen at Drake's 30th birthday party at the weekend... and despite nothing coming from that party, OH TO BE A FLY ON THAT WALL!

Despite no beef coming from the night, there has been some MAJOR shade being thrown by KP on Wednesday as she attended a Kanye West concert in LA!

Of course, Katy being seen at a Kanye concert is probably up there in the Taylor Swift nightmare events list after she had HUGE public spats with the pair.

But, it's when Katy filmed herself singing along to Kanye's 'Famous' tune that has made the headlines... YUP, the tune with THOSE lyrics about Taylor!

For anyone who has forgotten, it's the one where Kanye claims to have made Swifty famous!


Your move Taylor!

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