Katy Perry admits she WOULD end Taylor Swift feud!


It looks like the biggest feud in music could be about to come to an end... under ONE condition!

Katy Perry took to Twitter last night to answer some fan's questions and the subject of her relationship with Taylor Swift came up!

When asked whether she would ever collaborate with Taylor, Katy replied 'if she says sorry, sure!'



The whole Katy/Taylor feud has escalated thanks to sharing ex's, stealing backing dancers and diss-tracks but with KP looking to end the disagreement and Taylor public enemy number 1 right now... are we about to see a truce?!

After a difficult summer, Taylor has started to venture out more and be seen in public again.

She spent the weekend in New York to support her friend Gigi Hadid at Fashion Week... but the biggest story was that she was seen singing along to a track from ex BF Calvin Harris!

Maybe Taylor is ready to end her bad blood with people in the music industry one person at a time!

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