Could Katy Perry perform with Taylor Swift?!

Katy and Taylor RESIZE


Rumour has is that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are reconciling and performing a duet at the MTV Video Music Awards. Sounds like a corny ending to a Mean Girls-style sequel but is there any truth behind it?!

The friendship initially turned into a feisty feud in 2012 when they dated the same man, John Mayer (the American musician who has dated a rather large number of female celebrities). Things turned progressively bitter when apparently Katy allegedly tried to steal backing dancers from Taylor’s tour before it was even over.

Since then Things have gone from bad to worse as Taylor Swift retaliated by creating a her squad full of talented female musicians, Victoria Secret models and women actors in a bid to intimidate Katy Perry out of star studded events - NIGHTMARE. 

What makes it all so confusing and quite frankly incredibly awkward is that Katy Perry's new song 'Swish Swish' appears to be taking a rather brutal dig at Taylor Swift with lyrics such as 'you're calculated... you're a joker' and 'you're game is tired, you should retire'. And Taylor is no angel as her song 'Bad Blood' was rumoured to be at Katy Perry.

Hold tight for the MTV VMA's on the 27th August guys, because this is going to be interesting!


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