Are we set to hear new music from Katy Perry on Friday?!



It's been a long time coming... but are we set to hear brand new music from Katy Perry?!

Katy has dropped a massive hint on her social media after changing her profile picture AND posting a video of a billboard in LA that just gave the date 'February 10'!

Along with the rumour that Katy Perry is set to perform at the Brits this year... all signs are pointing towards a new single from her!

Katy has confirmed that she is set to release a new album this year which will be her first since the critically acclaimed 'Prism' in 2015... however we did get new music from KP in the summer when she released 'Rise' for the Olympic Games!

Katy showed off her new blonde look on Instagram on Tuesday which suggests a new single after Ed Sheeran did something similar when he posted a blue box before releasing 'Castle On The Hill' and 'Shape Of You'!



New life who dis

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Katy later posted a video of a billboard being erected in LA which gave the date 'February 10'... which is THIS FRIDAY!

Check it out below, this week just got interesting!

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πŸ’™NEW CLUE: FEB 10 πŸ’™

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UPDATE - Katy Perry released a teaser clip for the new single on Tuesday!



Cover art for Let Me Love You

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