Kanye West reaches out to Mark Zuckerburg for investment in his ideas!


Kanye West has taken to Twitter (again) to go on his latest rant!

Kanye revealed over the weekend that he is $53 million in debt but want's Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg to help him out!


It's been a busy week for Kanye after he revealed his new album and fashion line at an extravagant event in New York... he's then allowed his fans to stream 'The Life of Pablo' on TIDAL!

So, for a man who has so many buisness interests... why does he need money?!

He also tweeted the reason why he wants Mark's help too...

Oh, well... Mark Zuckerburg hasn't responded yet but we won't hold our breath!

Ahead of the Grammy's Kanye has also claimed that he will have 100 Grammy awards before he dies and that he's the best of 2 generations.

He's won an impressive 21 already... so just 79 to go!


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