Ex-employee dishes dirt on working for Kanye West!


So, you either love Kanye West... or you CAN'T STAND HIM!

But, he hasn't done himself any favours with the way he has been treating some of his staff.

Yeezy's former bodyguard Steve Stanulis has revealed all after he was sacked for reportedly trying to 'chat up' Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian!

Stanulis denies the incident with Kim but he did go on to discuss what it's really like working for Kanye West... it isn't pretty!

He said, "I don't think he ever said two words to me. I would go to a restaurant with him and watch him to make sure nobody was bothering him. Not once was I offered a glass of water or a soda. That was never in his mindset."

"You could be working with him for 17 hours and sitting in a restaurant with him. You would think he would say, "Hey you want something to drink?", but it was nothing. It just blew my mind."


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